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My Weapon is a Loli, Chapter 1

This is a retranslation of chapter 1!

Why! Why the heck is my weapon a Loli!

On a long street, streetlights, billboards, and different kinds of lightings brightly illuminate the night, pedestrians come and go ceaselessly, the shops on both sides are dazzling, bustling with activities and with heavy traffic coming in and out. This flourishing scene is in sharp contrast to the faint stench emitted by the dirty garbages at the corner of the street.

On the prosperous and lively street, a lonely and depressed figure walk forward with his head looking down…….

“It isn’t that easy, to be able to find it…….”

Mm, unconsciously he starts to sing again.

Two years ago, Reynolds officially became a student.

Since he is not a normal student, of course, the school is also not a normal school. It is a place titled as [Traveller’s School].

The so-called [Traveller’s School], like its name, is related to travelling.

(TN: Traveller as in travelling through space-time)

The students there are burdened with important missions——to protect the balance of every single “story world”.

For example, if a certain male MC and a young girl are drugged by an evil person, and when the young girl passionately climbs wildly on the body of the male MC while being influenced!

One must step forward bravely!

And to provide assistance to the young girl secretly! To protect the MC from getting harmed on purpose!

Of course, this is only a small problem.

Other than that, why would the enemy tremble in front of impressive might? Why would the observing crowd gasp?

Why can the MC run through a rain of arrows that fills the sky, yet remain completely untouched? Why can the MC tear people apart with his bare hands?

If not for the secret assistance of the student, hoho……..

Anyway, this is a magical school. If one can graduate from this place…

Hehe, before long, he can sweep through another worldbattle through the heavensmartially shake the universe, become the great ruler, get hook up with young females, walk on the peak of one’s life… Hehe, thinking about it, it seems kind of exciting.

(TN: Italicized words are names of novels -Flowerbridgetoo)

However, unexpectedly.

Reynolds was denied graduation.

It was said that Lord Principal’s cat died from obstructed labour because it saw Reynolds’ report card.

Damn! What the hell! What does it have to do with me?

Are Meowliens also able to read my big earth’s language?

(TN: Meowlien is a punt, a cat that is able to read language is a meowlien/meow alien)

Anyway, because of that, my life is gloomy.

Reynolds and Lord Principal had a heart-to-heart chat, and Lord Principal said……

“Tell me, it’s been a whole 3 years, you have not even completed a [Diamond Ranked] mission, I am so distressed by you!”

“Mm?  There are several billions of people on Earth. In total, only one hundred people are chosen! Four students in the same year as you are already Travellers at the [Strongest Ruler] level! You… You are actually still in the Bronze Level. I am so distressed by you!”

What Lord Principal said makes sense, Reynold’s is also very distressed!

And so, Reynolds made the most important decision in his life.

To become strong!

To become a “Traveller” in the Strongest Ruler level! It was said that after graduating with the rank of [Strongest Ruler], that person could create a story world that belong to themselves.

“Create your own story world that belongs to yourself”. This is the reason that attracted Traveller students to enter the school and the reason to strive to become stronger endlessly.

However, most students after reaching the rank of the [Strongest Ruler], they would conceal themselves in their own “Story World”. Very rarely do they get involved with the story missions that the [Traveller’s School] issue out. So, the school needed to keep on recruiting new students to fill in fresh blood, or in other words, fill in the free labour force……..

Reynolds sigh. In order to become stronger, he almost used up all his “Traveller’s Points” to exchange them for a “Demonic blade”.

Indeed, it is a “Demonic Blade”…

However, it is a demoness.

(TN: The author is trying to say that the ‘demon’ character in Demonic Blade means demoness, this is lost in translation)

The streetlights are giving off faint yellow radiance, the signboard of a sweets shop is flashing with light: “Newest dessert——[Strawberry Milk Ball]!”

“Little Reynolds! I want to eat this! Strawberry Milk Ball!”

A little loli with twin ponytails leans forward in front of the counter. She is not tall, as she didn’t reach the height of the counter of goods. Her entire body is under the tabletop and only a small finger stuck out and pointed at the counter of goods…

“Wa! These looks really yummy as well! And this! This! This!”

Little Loli’s face is stuck on the glass counter and her cute big eyes are widely open. As she looks at the colourful attractive sweets with full of craving, her bottom stuck out and revealed the little panties under her skirt……

Stra…Strawberry pattern……

Reynolds’ face instantly reddened…….

Bastard! This indescribable feeling of being attracted by Little Loli truly isn’t good!

After paying in a rush, Reynolds pulled Little Loli and hurriedly left.

“Ah?” Little Loli’s face looks completely innocent, “Little Reynolds, why is your face full of unhappiness?”

“These sweets…….”

“They are obviously very delicious!”

Reynolds can’t help putting his hand on his forehead. The bitterness in his heart can’t complain. He truly wishes to cry yet had no tears!

After shaking his completely empty wallet, Reynolds sigh. It seems like Lord Wallet is going to be dead for a while.

“Ah? Are you considering the expenses!”

The little Loli clenches her little cute fist while saying with full of confidence, “Don’t worry! I’m a weapon who lasts for a long time without needing maintenance!”

“Oioi, I don’t even know what the heck are you proud of!” Reynold can’t help but mock, “Please, compared to the expenses used for food during these past few days, the maintenance cost doesn’t even cost much!”

“Aii…..?” Little Loli blinks her blue-coloured eyes which seem as though they were filled with seawater, then suddenly lift her skirt revealing her strawberry panties, “Then can this be counted as repayment?”

Reynold’s cheeks start to boil, two fountain-like pillars of blood spray out of his nose, his legs went limp, and fall on the ground…

With her twin tails are swaying, Little Loli walks in front to Reynold who is lying on the ground and crouch down. Her blue-coloured eyes are naive without of any hint of evil, and her pink little tongue is licking on a white-coloured milk ball in her hand…

Her face is very delicate with a rosy complexion, white and tender skin, eyes that glittered which are blue as though they are filled with seawater, a little nose that look charming, and her slightly pouting cherry-like lips, she looks exceptionally attractive overall……

A black-coloured one piece tightly wrapped around her frail body. Her chest is slightly protruding and poorly developed, but they give a unripe sense of beauty. Her faint golden hair is tied with black butterfly knots into two ponytails, and with her charming and adorable expression, she is looking at the dumbstruck Reynold……

Although she does not have the attractive charming mature curves, her delicate and lovely pitiful appearance can’t help but to cause people to want to embrace her.

As an Ability User, Reynold keeps a very low-profile. In order to pull the wool over other’s eyes, ah, definitely not because he wants to save money, the apartment Reynold live in is rather desolate, so while passing through dark alleys, he stumble across a few drunkards in the dark.

“Heh! Look what have I found? It’s an extremely cute loli! It’s been a long time since tried anything fresh and exciting! Seems like today’s luck is quite nice!”

“Hmph haha….”

Another two other drunkards also stumble under the deathly pale white street lamp. Their cheeks are flushed, under intoxication, their swollen eyelids are drooping, and their vulgar gazes seems as though they want to push the “Little Chihiro” to the ground.

The strong smell of alcohol in addition to the stench on the drunkards’ bodies cause Reynolds to tightly furrow his brows.

It seems like trouble has knocked on his door.

Reynolds extended his hand and gesture at Little Chihiro.

Little Chihiro pouts her mouth in a tsundere way, “What’s this? What do you want? I don’t have any money!”

Reynold perspire with embarrassment, “Oioi, please don’t forget your identity? Can you please be a bit more professional? You’re a Demonic Blade! A blade!”

Little Chihiro put her hands on her waist, curling her lips, and turn her head to the side, “Hmph. I don’t want to! Those uncle drunkards are so nasty! I don’t want to be stained with their blood!”

“But I need to kill them! If you don’t become a blade, what do I use?”

As the owner of this proud and pampered weapon, Reynold is bitter as he lacks means…….

She doesn’t listen to words…….

He is not even a match for her in a fight……..

“Here, use this!” Chihiro speaks as she throws out a fruit knife.

Reynolds become silent for a moment, then only said two words, “Good! Plan!”

“Oioi, if you still don’t listen to me, I won’t protect…….”

Before Reynold even finish speaking, “Clank!” a green sword slash flew past his ear with a “whoosh” sound, Reynold is dumbstruck, his jaws almost fall to the ground.

(TN: The green slash is sth like this, btw this game is called Secrets of Grindea, it’s pretty fun, you can buy it on steam :D)

The green slash is very wide, it cut into those drunkards’ trousers at the location of their crotches at the same time………

(TN: not even sure how she did that without cutting the legs)

The intense pain cause those drunkards to become sober abruptly from their drunkenness, and open their mouth shrieking, then with a “dong”, they fell, at the same time, on the ground.

Reynold is stunned for quite some time before he finally comes to his senses………

This is the [Demonic Blade] from legends, which is also Reynold’s weapon………

Though it’s very strong and very cute………..

But, Reynold can’t help but to vent…….

Oioi, you said that it’s a demonic blade!

(TN: Reynold is recalling his conversation with whoever he bought the demonic blade from)

Why the heck!

Why the heck is my weapon a Loli!

My Weapon is a Loli, Chapter 10

The Goddess in crisis!

The giant hatchet abruptly cut down, the giant at the foremost of the troops is about to use his wooden staff to block the blow.

“Clank!” a sword slash appears, just by listening to the sound, one can feel the scary force behind that slash.


The sound of the unsheathing of a second blade…….

A green sword slash pursues the first blade trail closely, flying through the air

The giant guard who was about to smash his hatchet down is cut at his crotch by the first sword slash right at the centre!

The giant guard opens his mouth and cry loudly due to the intense pain, while the second sword slash following closely behind is sent cutting through the mouth, penetrating the brain.

“Boom!” The giant axe lost its control, landing on the ground.

The giant is groaning, half kneeling on the ground, fresh blood is flowing out of his mouth uncontrollably, blood gushing out incessantly………

If not for the giant race having rough skin, tenacious vitality, this blade that penetrated his brain is enough for him to have a funeral.


What Reynold is surprised about is not the giant race’s tenacious vitality.

But its Chihiro’s attack which is extremely sharp!

Every slash hits the vitals……….

Reynold already knew that his demonic blade, despite not in blade form, every of her sword slashes carries a seemingly tremendous power and seems very reliable!

Just when Reynold thought that Little Chihiro is only giving out a warning, and the attack is already over.


Upon the sound, three powerful sword slash flew out in a flash.

The first slash, hit the position of the heart! The metal armour is dented slightly, splitting a small hole.

The second slash, hit the position of the heart! The giant’s scary chest muscles are ripped through.

The third slash, which is the scariest one, rushes forward while creating storms of green energy in its path!

Hitting the position of the heart! The slash made of green energy finally penetrates the heart, bringing a burst of blood, exiting from the back of the giant.


In the middle of a blood fountain, the giant guard who was wearing metal armour is dead!

Not only were other giant guards of the [Green Rock Tribe] shocked by this abrupt massacre.

Even Reynold also swallow his saliva, his noob weapon is unexpectedly a dangerous small loli!

“HeeHee.” Even though little Chihiro is disguised as a giant goddess, she still show her “tsundere” face, “How is it? Ain’t I powerful? This Middle size tribe is not like those previous small sized tribes, if we are only going to perform a show, they will not be convinced.”

“I am the giant goddess, I should reveal and flaunt some of my power!”

Reynold hesitates for a moment and finally nod.

Though Chihiro’s act of massacre is very easy and cruel, but, it is necessary.

Looking at below the giant wooden door of the [Green Rock Tribe], giant warriors are gathering there, each and every one look fierce and violent, Reynold knows, a battle is inevitable.

First defeat them with a display of military might then use the faith of female goddess to put up a show to win them over.

Just like the carrot and stick approach.

Those weak tribes easily surrendered and worship (the goddess), because they wanted to find a huge tree which they can rely on to protect themselves. The most important reason is that weak small tribes have no capability to resist.

Medium size tribes are different, they have the capability to resist.

You can’t possibly hope for a mafia godfather to reform just by reciting a few lines of  [Holy Bible] or [The Great Compassion Mantra] causing him to start crying bitterly, grieving and lamenting, while kneeling down, begging you to kill him right?

This battle is absolutely necessary.

The giant warriors of Green Rock Tribe already dash out of their giant wooden houses, Reynold no longer hesitate, and he resolutely shouts, “Fight! Spare as many as possible!”

After all the purpose is to conquer, but not carnage.

There are a hundred of those violent faced, tall and sturdy giant warriors brandishing their nail cudgel and giant hatchets in their hands, unrestrainedly chasing and killing those crudely armed giants on Reynold’s side.

The giants of Red Clay Tribe are chased and killed till they ran in all directions, they only have wooden cudgels in their hands, which is simply not enough to resist two cuts from the giant hatchets! Under the frightened shriek of elder Luton, those frantic defenceless giants knock over one another, those giants who were stepped on are numerous.

Only a dark skinned giant hero leading a few brave giant warriors, using rough strong tree trunks as their weapons, making a futile resistance.

Using sharpened wooden spears to pierce armoured giants’ arm, is totally useless, wooden weapon are totally unable to inflict a fatal wound on those giants rough skin and thick muscles, those metal armoured giants do not mind them at all and pull those spears out, licking the bloodstains, and conveniently throwing them on the ground.

50 plus armoured giants close in, surround the goddess carriage, looking at giant goddess Chihiro, every metal armour giants are so excited that their breathing became rushed, their faces are gleaming with obscene and greedy expressions.

Most female giants are ugly when a beautiful giant goddess appear all of sudden, those metal armoured giants are thoroughly excited.


A goddess is aloof and remote, her grandeur must not be violated.

However, if a goddess loses her protection, there is only one result, to be a vigorous livestock drowning in a group of male hormones.

In 50 plus armoured giant’s greedy vision, a bottle of strong liquor was thrown out, the cool liquor is scattered all over the ground.

While the armoured giants still have not processed the situation, the carriage door is opened slowly, a strong figure walks down, with bald head displaying its brilliant splendour and a black giant rod on his shoulder.

Within his calm and collected manner is an air of aggressiveness!

Red and black specks like killing intent envelop those 50 giants.

Some relatively small and weak iron armoured giants start to tremble.

Beowulf jumps suddenly, jumping on top of the head of the strongest giant, “ping! ping! ping!” The giant rod pounds down unceasingly!

The elder Luton who was fleeing all over the place in the crowd heard that heavy loud sound, he can’t help but to stop his feet,  hiding behind a big tree, using his brain, he stare at the big baldie unbelievably, while his eyebrows jump up and down.

He almost had a misconception, this scene is not like a human fighting a giant, this is obviously a scene of 2 giants on the island battling!

Those who felt like this other than Luton, there is also Reynold.

Dammit, as expected of one worthy enough to be called the main character, even if his IQ is all gone, he is still able to make such a domineering and imposing entrance.

Elder Luton immediately feel full of confidence!

“Kill them all! My tribesmen!”

Luton commands while hiding behind the big tree, “The goddess’s brilliance shall protect you guys! Fight bravely! Young people!”

The fighting strength of the armoured giants from Green Rock tribe is far apart in comparison to Reynold’s hastily formed giant army.

On the island, Green Rock Tribe’s territory is considered huge, their numbers and strength will even cause other strong big tribes to tremble a bit.

Different from small tribes, the giant warriors from medium size tribes possess abundant food and resources, those metal armoured giants are tall and savage, they have a height of 4-500 cm and 300 plus pounds of weight, this is already sufficient to guarantee that their strength is tremendous.

Under the armoured giants’ nail cudgels and giant hatchets, Reynold’s giant subordinates only have the qualification to be blown into pieces, they are totally unable to organise an effective resistance.

In a short time, a large pile of mangled bodies are lying in front of the carriage, anguish and tragic cries are all over the place.

There are still many giants left on Reynold’s side, however, they already do not have the courage to resist, all of them are cowering at the back, as for their belief in goddess religion or whatever, is of course not more important than their pathetic lives.

30 over metal armoured giants surround a few weak giants, approaching them slowly, a few savage armoured giants pounce furiously into the group of weak giants, biting the neck of a weak giant, slurping down mouthfuls of fresh blood.

“Just now there was a retard who said [spare as many as possible]? Were they begging us?”

“KUHAHAHA! This bunch of people are seeking their deaths!” A good number of armoured giants raise the nail cudgel in their hands, are shouting in high spirits, there is not even a proper resistance in this [great harvest].

All the armoured giants are excited.

As for the humans in their eyes those giants think that is not even worth thinking about them, they can be killed casually with a few steps on them!

Their clean victory causes their blood to boil with passion.

Their gaze set on the few females beside the carriage, scorching gaze of all the armoured giants are like the raging bonfire after pouring a cup of spicy pungent brandy, gushing out not only craving, but also bottomless vulgarness.

In the line of sight of the armoured giants, an azure light suddenly appear!

What’s there to laugh about [spare as many as possible]?

To be ridiculed by those brain dead giants does not feel good at all.

Reynold is standing on the roof of the carriage, the blade in his hand releases a violent blue light……

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My Weapon is a Loli, Chapter 9

This is the longest chapter I’ve translated so far, damn I’m tired. My school is starting soon, the pace of translation will slow down, I will still try to find time to translate 😀

Hidden emperor within giants

“Ah!” Luton seems as though he is reading out a script, shouting out with deep emotions, “Ah!”, with a short run then falling to his knees, kneeling under of the goddess’s throne…………

sora dogeza

(Tl: reminds me of this)

His movements are extremely rigid, awfully unnatural, however to a giant, this acting is already pretty good!

Even though it feels very much like a [fraud]……….

(Tl: the [fraud] that the writer is referring to is called “碰瓷” which is a type of fraud that involves crashing a car deliberately into a random guy’s car and demanding money from him)

“I can feel it! I can feel it!” Luton got up halfway from his kneeling position, howling loudly in grief, as though somebody stepped on his anus, “Goddess! I can feel your concern, it’s very warm, very gentle, like the warm sunshine, just like, just like your amiable smile………”

Below the altar, the group of giants is flabbergasted.

With their second rated intelligence……..

Even though they don’t understand what the tribal chief is doing! But the feel that it look very awesome!

Little Chihiro is sitting on the altar, yawning.

“I have heard it! Your teachings! You were just saying, you will be bringing servants, to save us!”

In the middle of Luton’s sentence, Reynold and Beowulf walk out from behind the altar throne.


“Unexpectedly a human!”

A wave of sighs can be heard from within the giants.

However as the goddess just descended, all the giants are very respectful, furthermore there is no intense hostility.

The main reason is that those aggressive male giants, upon seeing the goddess of their dreams, are swallowing their saliva into their stomach with all their might, there is no time to care about humans or whatever.

Chihiro stands up, with a proud dignified tone, “I have descended and swear to end the disorder in the giant race!”

With a cool tone, yet carrying an unquestionable imposing aura, “I appoint — Tribal Chief Luton, as [Red Clay Tribe] high priest!”

Chihiro is not the real goddess, of course, this just a random line off the script, with the intention to deceive the giants under the stage (altar).

Luton knows it. But, Luton is very satisfied!

Extremely satisfied! From a wandering homeless old giant, in an instant to the position of a [High Priest]! Even though he don’t know what position is that! But Luton is already so happy that he don’t know what to do!

Luton looks as though he seen a pig trotter! Beautiful women! Those dream like items, flying to him one after another.

Luton’s eyes are brimming with tears of excitement! This career as God’s truncheon that is full of future! This old man shall be it!

If he was not afraid of getting beaten up, Luton truly wanted to hug Chihiro’s leg!

The crowd below the stage do not understand yet believe her words, thinking that the great tribal leader is conferred a noble title, become so excited that they shed tears, hurriedly kneel and worship “Congratulations High Priest!”

Lots of male giants applause one after another, shouting out loud in tears, “We will serve you! Goddess! Please end the internal disorder(among giants)!”

As the giants of a small weak tribe, they are the victim of the internal disorder, because they have no strength to bully others, they can only be bullied.

Being frequently bullied by other tribes, thus, of course, they want to end the internal disorder.

As for those stronger big tribes, perhaps, they might not think the same way.

The Wolf finds the Rabbit for a chat and says that everyone is not allowed to eat meat anymore. The Rabbit is bound to happily agree. Because rabbits do not eat meat at all not only that, they can even avoid being eaten.

The wolf finds the Lion for a chat and says that everyone is not allowed to eat meat anymore. The Wolf will be beaten into a pulp by the Lion.

Different perspectives, different standpoints, different results.

Reynold obviously won’t foolishly while laughing bringing the fake goddess to dupe a big strong tribe, that is practically courting death.

What should be done, is to first exploit the [psychology] of ‘wanting receive protection’ of those tribes that were oppressed, first by gathering the scattered small weak tribes, wait until they have a certain scale and strength, then challenge those large stronger tribes.

In short, [Red Clay Tribe] strategy is accomplished!

After checking the numbers, within the whole tribe, there are only a measly 10 female giants, while the number of male giants is more than a 100.

What a sad ratio!

The male giants start to construct a carriage for the female goddess!

This is Luton’s proposal! As an honorable goddess, absolutely must not tread on soil!

This bastard, after jumping onto the same boat with many difficulties he is now trying hard to curry favors.

Just a moment ago Luton was a poor wanderer now he has a majestic position, as the reverent tribal chief and high priest, his whole body is now filled with vigor, with a plumed helm on head, in glowing spirits, with a female giant in each arm, he is standing in front of the forest giving instructions, ” Hey! This tree is not thick enough! Cut a new one again!”

“Hey! You cut this too crudely! How is it going the fit the honorable position of the goddess!”

Regarding the vile Luton flaunting his success, Reynold is too lazy to care.

Because, in the midst of the giants, Luton is considered smarter than average, though his acting skills are poor, he is able to sway those retarded giants, therefore Luton is quite useful.

Luton is aged, furthermore he is tied in lots and lots of chains by Chihiro, even if he has authority, he doesn’t have any resources to rebel with.

The carriage is completed extremely fast! Luton sent a few female giants to adorn the carriage with fresh flowers and jade green vines, and also beautiful stones picked up from the lakeside, although there are no gold, silver and precious stones, but after adorning them, the carriage look pretty high class.

Due to the show of the Goddess descending and Reynold’s threats, the 5 tribes in the surrounding quickly submitted, kneeling under Goddess Chihiro’s feet.

Red Clay Tribe quickly became a middle sized tribe.

Reynold decides to attempt accelerating the pace of invasion, rather than annexing small tribes, he decide to directly annex medium sized tribes.

The targeted medium size tribe is the one which Luton was chased out of.

After the young and strong male giant chased away Luton, he unexpectedly developed the small tribe into a medium sized tribe!


Luton can no longer stand seeing this anymore!

Without the leadership of this elder Luton, this tribe is developed better and better instead, this is totally unbearable!

Hence, the opportunistic Luton begin to lead the way………

The scale of a medium-sized tribe is evidently larger and stronger than a small sized tribe.

Wooden fences surround a plain in the middle of the forest, a few giant guards wearing armors are guarding the gigantic wooden entrance.

Spotting the long line of troops from afar, a few giant guards are immediately on alert, the large hatchets in their hands are already carried on their shoulder.

“Oh! I was wondering who’s here, it turns out to be the old Luton!”

“Old Luton?”

“It’s that trash that was kicked out by the tribal chief.”

“Where did he pick up that costume? He looks like a bird that was violently beaten up?”

Luton is very confident, currently he is not the loser who was chased out pathetically.

He is currently a high priest, with a big and powerful backing!

Luton walk with full of confidence to the very front of the troop, raising the tree branch in his arm, stroking his beard, with a holy face, “Disrespectful people! Prepare for Goddess’s punishment!”

The sturdy giant looks at old Luton with a fierce glare, Luton felt a chill and retreat while speaking, hiding behind the back of a few giant thugs.

Though he is escaping! But elder Luton still behaves with grandeur, pointing the tree branch in his hand at those guards, with an expression kind of portray the feeling of [don’t run from me].

“Punish us?” The giant guards started laughing, “This bastard is perhaps crazy!”

“With only these tattered outfits and skinny guys?”

Snort, I guess, these lunatics, are specially here to serve us. Even if they don’t, let us serve them with our hatchets!”

One of the giant guard snarls, “It’s you guys who came seeking for it!”

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My Weapon is a Loli, Chapter 8

Took me long enough……… sorry for the delays 😀

This is the feeling!

Everything is progressing smoothly, Luton look decent after changing into the tribal chief’s clothes and carries himself quite well, perhaps this is the reason why he used to be a tribe leader, he takes little effort to get used to his old trade!

Next step is to manipulate Luton, to control the small tribe.

In the middle of Red Clay Tribe, which is beside the giant stone goddess, is a wide platform constructed by carving.

On the platform, is an altar which is a few meter high, queer patterns are carved on the altar.

Every giant tribe have an altar each, no matter how small their tribe is, they will always construct an altar

From the context of a game, this a form of setting, from the perspective of giants, this is a form of religion. Hence, even though this tribe is small, the giant altar still maintained its dignified appearance! (Unlike the stone goddess statue)

With a crooked yet tall body, leopard skin clothing, a plumed helm on head, holding a old wooden tree branch, with a few tufts of grey beard, and a face full of wrinkles with a slightly vulgar look.

The one that appear before the crowd is the new tribal chief– The Great Luton!

“I am your new tribal chief.” Luton slowly raises his swollen eye bags, using his giant tree branch pointing the crowd of giants below the altar, with movements that carry lots of weights.

In the crowd of male giants, majority are males, only a few sparse female, from the tribal leader’s tent………

As one can well imagine, the male giants in this tribe must be laden with grief…….

The dull pain, such grief……..

Even though the new chief look old, no one has any idea how did he defeat the previous chief, not only that, the new tribal chief is also tied with layers and layers of metal chains, which look so awkward no matter how you look at it………..

However, those giants are after all lacking in intelligence, even with a crowd of giants they can’t understand why the new tribal chief has such an unusual interest…….

All the giants have no words of complaint, even those young giants who were playing crazily just now, with a face full of sincerity, kneel below the altar, saying in chorus, ” All hail, the great Luton!”

When the crowd of giants kowtow, Luton hurriedly face Reynold, shyly squeezing out a smile.

Damn it, I went too far with my acting, who knows whether master will hit me later!

Reynold stroke his chin, waving his hand, signalling for Luton to continue.

Seeing master’s signal, immediately regain his confidence! With a dignified tone, he shouted, “Stand up! My clansmen!”

Luton sweeps his eyes over at the crowd of giants with gaze like those of a mighty warrior (fake), however in other’s eyes, those smiling expression shown in his eyes is extremely vulgar………

Luton’s eyes stop on the body of a sturdy giant, “Alright! I’m about to begin!”

The sturdy giant can’t help but to shiver.

Begin? Begin what?

When a new giant takes up the position of tribal chief, he must carry out a prayer at the altar, to beg for god’s blessing.

Under normal circumstances, this type of praying ceremony is carried out by the new tribal chief and a [female giant] who was picked.

The sturdy giant trembles again, a terrible scene is suddenly conjured up by his retarded intelligence, in a dark night without moon, a certain male giant pulling another male giant squeezing into a mushroom tent……

Miserable screams and howls of grief, the next day, one of the male giants cover his butt, with an expression full of pain, this scene is already imprinted in the sturdy giant’s not spacious brain.

It can’t be that the new tribal leader is……….

Just when the sturdy giant is preparing to die rather than submitting, when his feet are retreating…….

On the altar, Luton suddenly chants with deep emotions………

“The great gods, please let your glory descend on earth, take pity on us your lowly believers!”

The chant with deep emotions linger in the forest, Luton lifts up the tree branch, spreading his arms and facing the sky, green lights float on Luton’s body…….

All those giants are dazed!

During prayers and what not, there has never been any symbolic occurrence! No one ever expected any miracle to happen!

But, from this strange green lights, this new tribal chief, seems to have triggered a miracle!

When the chant ended, Luton raise his head, fixing his eyes with concentration on the sky, “Thank you! Goddess!”

Before he even finish speaking, “Rumble!” the green light dissipate! A large crater is formed on the ground!

The green lights are made by little Chihiro, and of course, the crater too, which seems to be for making a more intense scene.

The scene that Reynold painstakingly thought out is finally completed, when the debris and dust in the air clear out, a beautiful female giant will appear in the middle of the altar!

She sits on the tall altar as a throne, a hand on her chin, with a lazy expression and an air of goddess grandeur.

This beautiful female giant is, of course, the Chihiro after disguise!

To make the appearance look more similar to the goddess that the giants worship, Reynold specially find a female giant with similar facial outline as the goddess, then after little Chihiro unskilled makeup techniques and dressing up, that female giant look exactly the same as the female goddess!

Little Chihiro then quickly use the [Disguise Potion] to look like the female giant!

The makeup is washed off female giant while little Chihiro retains the look of the goddess.

Of course, there is a reason why little Chihiro is proactively cooperating………..

Currently, Reynold’s wallet is not only dead in war, it’s soul is even going to be used to buy desserts for little Chihiro!

(Tl: poor guy…….. in various meanings)

Thinking up to here, Reynold sigh.

Below the altar, all the giants can’t help but to kneel and worship!

The giants worship the goddess of birth, the beautiful female giant in front of their eyes who suddenly descended have the same appearance as the goddess on the statue!

Not only the male giants, even the female giants also willingly kneel and worship, this kind of [Miracle] brought about an awesome effect and impact, since long ago the male desires have already been promoted to [Religion].

Looking at those giants who are repeatedly kneeling and worship, some are even moved to tears, Reynold sigh, this is such a touching scene!

As for the appearance of the damn goddess with the violent style of an explosion…….


Has totally been neglected by the giants with IQ of around 80!

Little Chihiro who is sitting on the altar as a throne, is showing a respectful face, but her mouth is speaking softly to Reynold who is riding on her back, “Woah, I’m not used to it, my chest is suddenly very heavy, and also, my butt, is also very heavy……..”

Reynold starts to laugh and said softly, “To con those retarded giants, is practically according to one’s wishes! Now it’s time for big baldy and me to appear!”

Reynold spent a herculean effort to persuade Beowulf not to act recklessly just now, now he can only hope that he will maintain a cool head.

Reynold raises his hand giving a signal to Luton.

Luton is standing beside the stone altar, seeing that Reynold have given a signal, he rub away the sweat on his forehead, luckily it’s to master’s satisfaction.

Next, is to follow the plan……….

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My Weapon is a Loli, Chapter 7

This chapter was pretty hard for me to translate, there are lots of idioms and net languages in it, much confusion, blame it on English for being too limited. I will revise this chapter again, please pardon me if some parts of it that sound odd, I will try my best to correct them as soon as possible.

Noob Little Loli

The intense sunlight shines from above, currently its noon, the high temperature on the archipelago is enough to cause humans to wilt like plants without water.

(Tl: It’s an idiom)

In this kind of lazy weather, one will not even want to budge a single finger, who would be willing to fight?

No matter how bad the condition of war is, fights between major powers in the tribe almost never happened in the afternoon. This is because at that time, whether if it’s a proud giant leader or a wandering old giant, everyone is lazily taking an afternoon nap.

Laziness is also a characteristic of giants.

Reynold and party are currently lying on the edge of a highland, below them is a sunken valley filled with thick forest, while the giant tribe is constructed in the middle of the forest in the valley.

Even though it is only a small tribe, to rush in recklessly head on into a group of giants, after all is not an easy task.

To get rid of a gang, you must catch their boss, this logic is extremely suitable for those of giant race with mild brain dead, Reynold and party’s goal is precisely the largest tent among those mushroom-shaped tents.

Two giants are guarding the entrance, they look drowsy.

“Big baldy, you are in charge for throwing me out, leave it to me to cut their throats.” Reynold provides a battle plan.


A moment of silence, there are only sounds made by summer bugs in the brush.

Reynold turn around and take a look at Beowulf’s face which is full of innocence, ignorance, and indifference, he seems to be thinking hard about the two words [Big Baldy], however he is unable to obtain an answer.

Reynold has a bitter face, he almost forgotten that the great protagonist is lacking in IQ.

Cough cough, respectful brave warrior–Beowulf, please hurl me out, leave it to me to cut their throats.”

Beowulf’s bald head shine gloriously under the sunlight, he gives a thumb up, “Oh! Don’t worry! Leave it to the respectful brave warrior–Beowulf!”

“………..” Reynold remains silent.

This is really still kind of worrying…….

Little Chihiro is clever and mischievous, she can tell Reynold’s hesitation and unease, she smiled and put her small hand on Reynold’s shoulder, provoking him, “Ah, are you even a man.”

“What you said really made sense! Anyway, the one who is getting thrown out is not you!”

“That’s right! Anyway, the one who is getting thrown out is not me!” Little Chihiro jumps up, raising her head, pushing her chest out, with both hands on her waist, with a face full of pride.

Reynold is left speechless, he have never seen such a self-righteous person!

Reynold stretch his hand out, “Hey hey, stop making a fuss, now is the right time to change into demonic blade form right?”

Little Chihiro put her hands on her waist, pout her mouth in a tsundere way, turning her face to one side, “Hmph. I don’t want to! These giants are so disgusting, I don’t want to be stained with their blood!”

“Hey hey………even posture and the script are the same as last time!”

(Tl: same as the last time she rejected Reynold, see ch1)

As the owner of this proud and pampered weapon, Reynold is bitter as he lacks means…….

She doesn’t listen to words…….

He is not even a match for her in a fight……..

“Respectful brave warrior–the great Beowulf! Can you please hurry and throw him out!”

Little Chihiro spoke in a respectful tone, especially at the [respectful brave warrior] part, Beowulf felt very well from hearing them.

Reynold didn’t even have time to react, all he saw was a blinding flash on Beowulf’s large bald head.

Beowulf’s eyes are full of unswerving determination as though he is going to complete an important mission, carrying Reynold up with a “swoosh” sound………

When Reynold start to react, his body is already in mid-air, with speed like a flying arrow, his black short hair blown about, with high speed, he approach the two giant guards.

F***! This noob demonic blade!

It seems that it’s because she was bought recently and have not tamed her completely…….

Apparently I have to think of a method to teach the proud and pampered little Loli in the future!

Without any choice, Reynold can only draw his old long sword……..

To behead a giant which is 400cm tall, with extraordinary strength, thick skin and meat is not an easy task. However, Reynold battle techniques are not a joke.

Reynolds flight speed is extremely fast, when those two giants react, opening their eyes from the haze of sleepiness, focusing their pupils, about to widen their eyes, a bolt of blue flash through…….

A stroke of blood flies in mid-air, two large giant heads fall………..

Right after that, to prevent the large heavy giant heads from making any noise when they touch the ground, in a split second, Reynold made countless slashes at them crazily, cutting the giants head into many pieces in an instant.

Blood and minced meat burst violently on the blood-soaked ground, those fragments fall on the ground softly, and no large noise is made.

Soundlessly the massacre plan is accomplished without a hitch, the giants’ blood contaminated a large area………

In the chief’s tent, thunder like snoring is heard, the fabric covering the entrance was suddenly lifted up, a groggy giant walk out, judging from the chest, this is a female giant.

Reynold suddenly understand, the reason why afternoon nap so satisfying for the giants, the great chief will naturally call some female giants, to do some mood lifting, relaxing and enjoyable exercise!

The female giant squints her eyes, she woke up to go to the toilet.

She feel that the ground is kind of wet, the female giant thought that she stepped on other giant’s piss, she angrily stamp her feet, wanting to rub her feet on the ground to get rid of the filthy stuffs, but she realized the more she rub the wetter it becomes, opening her eyes, she is shocked out of her wits…….

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Ene……ah”

Before the female giant finishes her sentence, she is knocked out by Beowulf who just arrive.

In the tribe leader’s tent, are messy wooden decorations, the most eye-catching one is the circular large bed in the middle, with pink color beast skins spreading over it, Reynold gasp in surprise, the f***, even monsters also have such inclinations?

(Tl: Inclination, in this case, refers to the act of doing exercises with multiple women)

On the pink bed, are six bare naked giant bodies, five female giants are surrounding the male giant’s body, among the female giants four of them are hugging on the 4 limbs of the male giant while the last one is lying on the crotch.

The great tribal chief is lying face up on the bed, with a full stomach, the afternoon exercise that just ended cause him to be extremely tired, he fell asleep snoring, without even wearing his loincloth………

“GURUGURU……GURUGURU…” the loud sound of snoring, accompanying his rough brown hands as he reaches his crotch tickling it, then dig his nostril, wiping his lips……..

(Tl: WTF did I just translate, I didn’t feel like typing that out)

In the haziness, the great tribal chief suddenly feels, a cold touch on his neck, he pay no heed to it, thinking it is a bug sting, continue sleeping…….

Quickly, Beowulf raises his fist………

In his dream, the great tribal chief felt a searing pain on his cheek.

The great tribal chief suddenly sits up, widening his eyes, preparing to bellow in rage, but is suddenly flabbergasted.

A pitch black long sword is stuck on his neck!

“Bastards!” the giant tribal leader pause for a moment, and immediately continue shouting in rage, “You wretched ants!  How dare you…….”

Before the great tribal leader finishes his sentence, his is already cut opened, fresh blood splashes out with a “pooooosh” sound.

(Tl: forgive me if my sound effect sounds lame)

Reynold beckon Luton over, “Come! Change into his clothes, from now on you are going the new tribal chief!”

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My Weapon is a Loli, Chapter 6

Hello again! And so here is the third chapter for the week, I was doing this on the phone so there may be some errors, please do tell me if you spot them…….

Somehow I have been saying the same thing for the past few chapters(?), haha! Oh well, let me tell you a joke……….searching google……………still googling

Disguise as a goddess!

No matter how much fertilizer Beowulf eaten, to escape alone from an island full of giants is absolutely impossible.

Reynold is sitting cross-legged on top of the giant’s big head, stroking his chin, thinking of a battle plan.

This island seems to be extremely huge, the giants on the island might not be numbered in the ten thousand, but there are at least a few thousands of them. Even with Reynold and demonic blade’s help, to kill all the giants on the island is extremely difficult.

However, there is already a plan in Reynold’s head, a wicked plan……

However there is a lack of helpers, therefore he is going to gather helpers.

Those words seem like nonsense, on this island full of giants, just where the heck is he going to get helpers?

However, the answer to the problem is giants.

It is giant’s nature to be brutal, aggressive, and fight among themselves frequently, so much that it led to splitting up of many tribes.

This proofs one thing, using giants to fight against giants is possible to set up!

Of course, with only a mere human body, perhaps they might be unable obtain leadership over the giant tribe.


Reynold takes out a [Traveller’s School] badge from his bosom, gently pressing the push button in the centre, a transparent image suddenly emerge in the air. It is a black armoured, knight like person.

This tall knight is wearing a full helm, hiding his face, and he never spoke.

Even though Reynold have been in the school for a period of time until now he has no idea who this guy is, or he is merely a pile of armour.

However, these are not important. (Concerns about who the knight is)

Reynold examines his [Traveller Points], after exhausting his family property to buy the strongest demon blade in the legends, Reynold remaining savings are so little that they can be neglected.

A transparent image of a chain of numbers suddenly appear in front of the black knight, after the points constantly change, it finally stop at [25].

There are only 25 remaining points! Reynold stares at those points for a while, dammit, he is poorer than he imagined himself to be!

If he remembered correctly, the price of [Disguise Potion] is only 20 points.

Reynold is somewhat apprehensive, but still said, “Pardon me, I need to buy a bottle of [Disguise Potion].”

Black knight remain completely still for a moment then a transparent image of a bottle of green mixture appears in the air.

Reynold reach out catching the green mixture, when Reynold grip the bottle mixture, the image of the transparent bottle of mixture slowly solidifies, while the numbers on top of the black knight also start changing, in the end, Reynold receive a green coloured [Disguise Potion], while the points also stop at [5]

(Tl: imagine the points on the image changing like jackpot machine)

As expected, with a price of 20, using this way, can only buy a bottle

Reynold can’t help but to sigh. In this case, there is no choice but to change the plan.

To be more wicked………

“Thank you! Purchase termination!” Reynold sways the bottle of compound in his hand, smiling at the black knight.

Instantly, the black knight disappears into thin air, just like how he materialized out of thin air.

Reynold put his school badge into his bosom.

This is the [Traveller’s Shop], which depends on [Traveller’s Point] to buy some items to strengthen themselves.

While [Traveller Points] come from succeeding story instances, and also according to the rate of completion of the story instances, the resulting prize is also different.

Every travellers’ dream is to reach the [Strongest Ruler] standard, creating their own story world.

Or it may not be every travellers’ dream, but at least, it is Reynold’s dream.

While Reynold is thinking, he tighten his grip the bottle of green compound, he must complete this story instance, and become stronger!

Think about clearing the instance, Reynold sigh once again.

The original plan was to purchase 3 bottles of [Disguise Potion], turning Reynold and party into giants, to occupy a small giant tribe, and then continuing to annex other tribes, from medium scale to large scale then finally challenge giant Grendel.

No matter if Beowulf lead [warriors] or [giants], he just needs to kill Grendel, the plot of the story will be completed!

Sigh, however, there is only a bottle of disguise potion, it seems that we can only use a wicked plan (than the previous plan)!

Reynold gaze stops at Chihiro.

Since there is only one bottle of disguise potion, then we shall let little Chihiro disguise as beautiful female among the giants, next……..

Using a goddess’s power to rally supporters……..

Oh my! That idea was so bad that he can’t even look straight and felt like vomiting…….

However, with these male giants with second rated intelligence and mild brain dead, this method might really work……..

But, a lone goddess can be said to have no influence or power to rally supporters……

Goddess and what not must have a follower and a supporter, in this way, the influence will become stronger.

As a result, the small giant tribe at the end of the forest in front, become Reynold’s objective………

This type of small giant tribe, in order to evade powerful enemies, are commonly at secretive locations, without somebody who is familiar with the surrounding leading them, they will really can’t find it (the tribe).

This time, they are counted as lucky.

This giant tribe was built in the middle a lonely giant stone formation, the giant stone formation is made from about 10 giant stones in picturesque disorder, which seems to be arranged according to some kind of fixed pattern.

These giant stone pillars are as thick as a small mountain, with an outward appearance that look like jades which were rubbed for a long time. They are very smooth and round, as though they have been through a long period of carving, strange faces were carved on them, with eyes and nose, looking at them gives an inexplicable strange feeling.

(Tl: The more you rub a jade the smoother it becomes, I think)

The face on every stone pillar look like a wanderer looking at the sky waiting to go home.

The land here also have exposed red rocks, when stepping on them, sand will fall off from the rock.

(Tl: not sure why 哗啦啦落下了沙砾状的石头 sand will fall off the rock, I’m just gonna follow the raws)

Reynold let giant Luton stop outside half a mile, afraid that his large body weight and shape will cause the giant tribe to be alert.

The giants sew animal leather to form large tall tents hiding in the middle of the stone formation, like a mushroom.

From the number of tents, this small tribe seems to only have around 10 families.

In the giant’s lifestyle, the monogamy system does not exist, every male giant possesses multiple female giants each, of course, under the condition that he is strong.

In the middle of numerous tents, a large goddess statue was buried tilted halfway in the sand, the revealed upper body is no less than 500cm!

The stone goddess was sculpted with a well develop figure, using skills in the realm of gods, by inferring from the plump chest, this must the masterpiece of a hungry male giant.

(Tl: Yes, a hungry male giant, it is said that Artists create their best masterpieces when they are hungry.)

The race of giants also have their own culture and customs, they are devout worshippers of [goddess of birth], their goddess of birth……

Other than having a plump chest, if this goddess statue were dug out from the soil, the butt will also be incomparably ample!

Years of hardship have corroded the goddess’s beautiful face, cobweb-like cracks also appeared on the solid rock, the flower shaped pallet propped highly in her hand is also missing a corner, and wild grapevines from the wilderness are also coiling around her pale white body contours.

A few air dried beast skins are hanged on the stone goddess’s flower shaped pallet, and some pieces of pig trotter like meat.

It seems that this giant tribe is confident of their hidden spot, there are not even any sentinels, only a few child giants outside playing crazily.

“Awesome!” Reynold gives a thumb up, not sure whether if it is a praise or a ridicule.

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My Weapon is a Loli, Chapter 5

I am surprised that I managed to translate this chapter pretty fast, please do tell me if there are any errors, I am not perfect, and please enjoy!

Good Plan!

Reynold’s responsibility is to help the main character to fulfil the ending.

Which is to help Beowulf kill the giant BOSS Grendel.

Since he is going to kill Grendel, the first thing he needs to do is obviously to find him, and so Reynold lead the noob little Loli and the IQ lacking baldy, head towards the deepest part of the forest on the island.

As Reynold is racking his brain on how to accomplish his task, little Chihiro is holding a strawberry ice-cream, using her small pink tender tongue constantly licking at the milky white cream.

However Beowulf is extremely silent, if it was their first meeting, one will definitely mistake that this guy is a reserved person, yet Beowulf from time to time with a serious face let out an outburst “I want to kill you! Evil dragon Grendel!”

Every time Beowulf talks, Reynold felt like he is going crazy, to meet such a main character is so helpless and depressing!

Just when Reynold is lowering his head in depression, when Chihiro is humming a tune, a strong giant with height about 400cm dashes out of the thicket, brandishing the metal rod in his hands, facing Reynold and party and bellow, smashing the metal rod on the ground, leaving a deep crater!
(Tl: le wild giant appears!)

Facing an ugly frightening dude who is not wearing one thread who suddenly rushed out, little Chihiro immediately loses colour.

Chihiro extend her small hands, covering her eyes, protesting “Hm! A guy who doesn’t have any shame shame!”

(Tl: Just like how a kid says that)

The giant has an ugly head, big yet heavy looking dead fish eyes with an obscene glint, the chap bellows his hips is propping up his shabby-looking cloth underpants…….

(Tl: I’m just gonna follow the raw chapter though the author wrote that the giant was not wearing anything previously)

Even Reynold can’t bear it and close his eyes, “Ah, my eyes, this bastard, he damaged my eyes……..”

Though this giant seems to merely pass by them, but he already revealed his intense desire to attack Reynold and party.

Giants are an extremely savage race, they even fought non-stop amongst themselves, and there is no need to mention how they treat other living things. Violence is in their characteristics, those giants do not understand a damn thing about the word [passing-by] and [neutral].

Savage, aggressive, those innate tendency led every giant attempt to obtain greater power/influence, causing the giant race to split into numerous tribes

Luton, as a giant, obviously he can’t escape from his nature.

He is a fallen giant, being unable to exhibit fighting strength due to his old age, he was chased out of his tribe.

There is usually only one tribal chief in a giant tribe, the chief only shelter young male warriors to fight for the tribe, and of course, the more female giants the better!

As for aged males, they are obviously driven out otherwise they will waste resources!

It seems that even monsters are also materialistic!

Actually, Luton was the leader of a small tribe among the many giant tribes, after he aged, his position was snatched by another young and strong male giant.

The old Luton obviously tried to resist, but was beaten up badly, and escaped from the tribe with tail between legs.

Today is a fine sunny day, Luton is about to go to the seaside to catch a big fish to resolve his needs, suddenly he spot a few humans, there is even a small beautiful girl among them!

Luton felt that he was too clever back then! This trip is not wasted!

Even in the deepest part of the island, in the most influential giant tribe, it is impossible to get hold of such a beautiful human girl!

This island which is being occupied by the giants is rarely visited by foreigners, or rather, no foreigners even visited!

While looking at the beautiful and adorable little Chihiro, suddenly Luton’s blood starts to boil, if he catches this little beautiful girl, using her as a bait, he can even recruit a group of the strongest young giants to protect himself.

A force like this can even attack and occupy the best territory in the depth of the island, and form a formidable tribe! Attracting more female giants!

In no time, he can form a formidable tribe, kill all the giant leaders, welcome giant goddesses and step on the pinnacle of life!

(Tl: Is this the rumoured ‘Loli power’?

Btw, giant goddesses mean beautiful female giants)

Looking at the two small male beside the small beautiful girl, Luton already start laughing up his sleeve, as expected, by picking the right choice, your life will then be brilliant!

Even though he is old, Luton is still confident he can kill a few trifling puny humans, he is confident that he can finish the battle within three moves, then bringing the small beautiful girl to a cavern on the island, for a very small exercise…….

(Tl: *cough*cough*)

The brilliant sunlight shine from above his head, Luton can’t help but to close his eyes, and immerse in the comfort, just then a shadow abruptly attacked!


A powerful blow smashes into him, smashing Luton’s body into the loose soil, if not for giant’s racial characteristic of having a huge and sturdy body, perhaps he might have turned into minced meat.

“Oh!” Beowulf stepping on Luton’s massive head, with sparkling bald head, carrying the gigantic rod on his shoulder, “Resolved!”

The heck!

Reynold is stupefied by the scene before his eyes.

Stories relating to Beowulf which introduces his spectacular strong body, formidable fighting strength and so on are unexpectedly not watered down!

To smash a giant into the ground with an insignificant human body, just how terrifying his strength is!

Did he grew up eating fertilizer!

Luton’s eyes plunge into darkness, in his hazy consciousness he heard proud frail voice beside his ears.

“Come on! Little Reynold, let’s quickly catch this guy as our mount! Hee hee!” Chihiro extends her small fair hand, lightly covering her mouth, casually saying inhuman things like turning others into a mount.


Reynold like this proposal very much!

And hence it is cheerfully being accepted………

Reynold watches Chihiro as she use metal chains tying the giant up round and round, the method of binding seems to be very neat, with an exceptional technique!

Reynold can’t help but to let out a cold sweat, this little Loli, why the heck is she so adept with her hands, just how many strange mounts did she caught?

After finish binding, Reynold plans to pour some sea water to wake the giant up

However Beowulf imposing figure stood blocking Reynold, he lift his hand, with a serious look, beckoning Reynold……

“Yes? You have an idea how to wake him up?” Reynold looks at Beowulf suspiciously.

Beowulf confidently nods his head, and suddenly raise his thumb, then form a fist, and smashing it on the giant’s cheek……

“WOAH!” the giant howl in pain, immediately waking with a start, looking at the three humans under his eyelids in fear.

Reynold was shocked for a moment, then raises his thumb, “Good plan!”

The sea breeze blows gently, from the wave of crashing on the beach, mixing with a faint scent of moisture.

Reynold climbs onto the giant’s huge body, sitting one the head of the giant, taking in a deep breath……..

Reynold was left speechless as little Chihiro unexpectedly volunteer to handle the giant mount.

Demonic blade, eh no, demoness or what not, is indeed a fully justified name!

While the giant heads towards the depth of the jungle on the island, Reynold is sitting cross-legged, he is very vexed, how will he able to kill the giant Grendel?

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